Posted on Mar 15, 2021

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Tree Removal Service Near Me: What to Do When Tree Roots Encroach on Your Home

You want your home to look so stunning that it makes the neighborhood talk. And to your knowledge, you have accomplished just that. Your yard boasts a verdant lawn, lush flowerbeds, and a group of gorgeous, mature trees. You have placed everything just so for maximum aesthetic effect.

However, you’ve notice those trees’ roots growing ever closer to your foundation, your driveway, or your main sewer line, and you feel a little nervous. You’ve heard stories about tree roots breaking through these items and causing expensive repairs-and you don’t want to share in that experience.

Watch for signs that this is happening to you and call your tree expert when they appear. You won’t be able to remedy the problem without professional help, especially if damage has already occurred. Have the arborist or tree removal company help you with your trees, then call your local construction contractor for repairs.

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